Advertising on IndieCast TV

We talk to many small businesses about advertising. Many of them tell us they just can’t afford to advertise at this time. The reality is, as a business, you can't afford not to advertise.

At IndieCast TV, we make it simple and affordable to advertise your business. Unlike traditional television, radio, and print, our audience is hyper targeted. When you buy an ad in a newspaper, on radio, or on television, you are reaching a very general audience. It's likely that a large segment of the people who will see your ad are not your potential customer.

When you buy ad time on IndieCast TV, you're reaching a target audience of independent artists, bands, and their fans. Your ad is funneled to the demographic you want to reach. We have an ad package that can work for your business and your budget. We even have plans that you pay only if you get a sale! Please feel free to contact us to discuss your advertising needs.

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