The Black Maria

The Cranberry Merchants

Hi! We’re the Cranberry Merchants, a husband & wife rock duo out of Atlanta, GA. We are musicians, composers, and producers of all of our own material, and even produce our own music videos, filming to editing. While our musical style is simplistic, it’s full of hooks, energy, and touches on some rather unconventional subject matter; everything from history to hypocrisy. Our debut EP “In The Blood” has quickly found its way onto a number of indie radio programs, such as Indie Star Radio (debuting at #7 on their Alt 21 countdown), the UK’s Belter Radio, Wolfman Radio, and West Star Network, and numerous college and internet stations around the USA, Canada, and Australia. Our music videos are in regular rotation on West Star’s new Indie Video Channel, Indie 1019FM (their featured clip this month), and Indie Radio ATL’s video channel.

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